Posted by: Old Sally Draper | December 25, 2010

Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

Adm. James Stockdale

Vice Presidential Debate

 Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

Adm. James Stockdale famously posed those questions during the Vice Presidential debates 1992.

Who is Old Sally Draper?

Old Sally Draper was inspired by the character Sally Draper on the acclaimed drama Mad Men. Where necessary, some of the facts of Mad Men’s Sally and Old Sally are the same – they have the same parents, for example. Other than those obvious facts, the details of Old Sally Draper’s character, history, and so on are completely fictional.

For purposes of this blog, Old Sally Draper will simply be referred to as Sally. This blog has no relationship or affiliation with AMC Networks or with the Mad Men television show. This is a work of fiction.

Why is Sally Here?

Sally is both real person and a work of fiction.

Sally’s voice, attitudes, and ideas and thoughts are those of a real person, the author of this blog. The author (who wishes to remain nameless) and Sally have a great deal in common. They were born in the same year, had largely absentee fathers they adored, and had cold and self-centered mothers.

This character first made her appearance on Twitter as @OldSallyDraper and continues to make regular appearances there. The 140-character format is fun but rather limiting. If Sally’s story is to be continued and fleshed out, a blog is the needed in addition to Twitter.


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